Imagine a world where we were all connected on a conscious level, knowing very well at all times and in all situations that we are all brothers and sisters.

Imagine a world where telepathy was our way of exchanging information, knowing deep down what was on everyone’s mind, and sharing freely what was in ours.

Imagine a world where we had the ability to scan people and animals, knowing their health condition, their achievements, their burdens, their past, longing and deepest joys.

Imagine a world where we related deeply with all objects, knowing what they were made of and who made them, paying our respects and giving our gratitude every time we would use them.

Imagine a world where we had the natural ability to dematerialise at will, and to rematerialise at will, anywhere anytime, not needing to use any kind of transportation or device.

Imagine a world where we could live on light and regenerate our bodies to function perfectly for hundreds of years?

Imagine… how would it be? How would it feel? And how would our dear planet earth be?

Well, life is like that on some planets and in different parts of the universes, and if you recently lived in such a place, it might be quite difficult to adjust here on earth. Or you may have a strong feeling, or have had experiences, or already know, that there is more here, than what meets the eye.

Below you will find articles, interviews and sharings to expand your mind, you will see possibilities of healing and growing, and receive inspiration from people who walk this path from within into radiance. Our mission is to help you understand and be at peace with this human life, and to expand your capacities, to support you in your journey to your greatest self.

Yoga and healing in Bali with Eka Kailash, part 2

Eka, or the gift of yoga and healing in Bali, and beyond, part 2 Dear Eka, do you have any special experiences of meditation you would like to share with us? Or anything mystical or funny? Ohhh, funny experiences... (laughing...) ooohhhh I can’t think of...

Yoga and healing in Bali with Eka Kailash

Eka, or the gift of yoga and healing in Bali, and beyond We are very happy and honoured to welcome Eka Kailash on the blog today: you may call him Eka, or Kailash, and in this life he currently takes the form of a Balinese young man full of grace, wisdom,...

Interview with Dr. Trisha Smith

Breathe and expand your human with Dr. Trisha Smith Thanks to a dear friend, we were one of the few to have gotten a spot at the 6 am class with Dr Trisha Smith at the recent Summit of Greatness, to experience the Wim Hof Method. The workshop left us...

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