We are very happy and honoured to welcome you on this sacred site.

At the present moment, some members of your spiritual family are incarnated on earth as well, and that may be close or very far away from where you are now. Some are not, and that may mean some are easily reachable on the subtle planes, others not, depending on the frequency difference between you, and your capacity to be very still.

In this website and in the Star Family Welcome Guide, there is information, education, inspiration, and a wide range of tools. Our purpose is to help you raise your vibrations to increase your frequencies, and to develop stillness, which will facilitate the connection with your spiritual family.

We call our spiritual families ”Star Family”, as many come from the stars, or other sources of light.

This will support you in accessing your inner wisdom, growing to the greatest version of yourself, and living your mission in peace and in joy, hand in hand with your Star and Human Families.

And if you have ever felt alone, as if you did not belong here, or as an alien who was somehow lost on a foreign planet, know that you are not alone. Know that your Star Family as well would love to reach you, and interact with you. In fact, you have been connected and evolving around your Star Family for many lifetimes, similarly to your biological human family here who has been supporting your growth on earth in this present lifetime. Yet here on our current home planet, most of the time we have no or very little awareness of it, but at all times we are always connected and fully supported on the spiritual level by our very dear Star Family.

With much love and appreciation for walking this path,

We see the light in you.

Thank you for being you!



Here you will access information to:

  • Discover inspiration and experiences from humans that radiate from within.
  • Receive guidance and healing, become the greatest version of yourself, raise your vibrations, and connect with your Star Family.
  • See what we are up to on social media.
  • Contribute and help us make this work available to all who need it.